COVID Guidelines & Policies

Weddings & Special Events Capacities

Notes & Policies:

Face Coverings:

  • All workers and Guests must wear Face Coverings when they are or may be within the facility.
  • Outdoors, workers and Guests must wear Face Coverings when they are within six (6) feet of someone who does not reside in the same household.

Guests Must Be Seated Indoors & Outdoors at all Events/Meetings

To limit the degree to which Guests at the facility may come into contact with one another and spread COVID-19, a facility covered by this Subsection is closed unless it is or becomes a seated establishment for Guests. Guests must be in seats except to enter, leave, use amenities, visit the restroom, and obtain food or drink.

Capacity Restrictions:

Indoor and Outdoor Spaces/Banquets

Maximum Guest Count Per Space: 

  • 100 is the total Manor House max
  • 64 Mews Conference Room
  • 42 Atlantis 69 Living Room Wing – Upstairs
  • 28 Main Dining Room/Dining Room Porch

Maximum Number of Guests at One Table Indoors: 

  • 36” 2 guests max
  • 48” 4 guests max
  • 60” 6 guests max
  • 72” 8 guests max

125 guests is the maximum number for outdoor events (must have seating for all guests).

  • Outdoor events limit on guests is twelve (12) per one thousand (1000) square feet (must have seating for all guests)
  • Rear Terrace 3,300 SQ Feet 40 guests max
  • White Garden 3,400 SQ Feet 42 guestsBack Yard and any other configuration is capped at 125 guests

Outdoor wedding ceremony number is unlimited but masks and distancing apply and no gatherings before/after.

  • Non-household guests are seated at least 6 feet apart
  • Same household guests may sit next to each other

Ceremonial dancing is permitted.

Tents are under the same guidelines as outdoor space twelve (12) guests per one thousand (1000) square feet. 

Onsite service of alcohol restrictions have been lifted. Guests may come up to the Bar and get a drink and return to their seat indoors or outdoors.