Why Graylyn

Local Schools

Through the Satellite Program, Graylyn has committed resources, staff and time to train students with developmental needs, offering them paid internships that allow them to explore careers in the food and banquet industries.

Two children in a hallway, both laughing as one little boy pushes another little boy in a wheelchair

The Children’s Center

A portion of the estate grounds is dedicated to the Children’s Center of Winston-Salem, a school that primarily serves children with orthopedic and/or long-term chronic health impairments. Graylyn and the Children’s Center also share long-standing traditions including an annual Holiday party.

The Graylyn Scholarship

Each year, Graylyn donates a portion of its business success back to Wake Forest University to fund the Graylyn Scholarship. The University awards this full scholarship to an incoming student demonstrating strong leadership skills and academic excellence.

Courtyard with cobblestone gates, a fountain in the center and a large silo covered with ivy connecting to other structures behind the fountain

Historic Preservation

Preserving the original splendor of this historic estate takes many resources. Graylyn strives to equip each part of the estate with today’s modern technology while also maintaining and enhancing the original historic charm.

Black sign with the Graylyn logo titled "The Chef's Garden" surrounded by plants and herbs

Green Initiatives

Graylyn blends its historical features with everyday sustainable practices, focusing on educating its staff on the importance of waste reduction, recycling, and energy conservation and helping them implement those practices throughout the property.