Meet Jordan Buzzett, Graylyn Scholar for the Class of 2022

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Each year, Wake Forest awards the Graylyn Scholarship to an incoming student demonstrating strong leadership skills and academic excellence.

Jordan Buzzett, class of 2022, is the latest Graylyn scholar.

Buzzett  graduated with honors from HB Plant High School in Tampa, Florida and, though she  is still a freshman and has yet to declare a major, is already only one class and lab away from earning her minor in Chemistry! She is interested in social sciences as a possible major, with the goal of going to medical school after graduation.

Buzzett is particularly grateful to receive the scholarship as she says it will open the door financially for her to pursue her education after receiving her undergraduate degree.

 “As someone who plans attend graduate school – hopefully medical school, it was crucial for me to receive the Graylyn scholarship in order to be able to afford that opportunity,” said Buzzett. “Without the scholarship, I’m not sure that goal would be attainable. I am very grateful to Graylyn and Wake Forest for giving me this chance.”

Buzzett is taking advantage of the many resources that Wake Forest offers. She particularly values the one-on-one interactions and guidance from the faculty.

“There are so many things that I’m excited for here at Wake. On the top of the list would definitely be the study abroad program, but I’m also excited about the budding relationships I’m already making with my professors and advisors,” said Buzzett.

At the heart of Graylyn’s mission is a commitment to investing in the community, honoring the example set by the Gray family many years ago. Graylyn’s business successes provide funding for the annual Graylyn Scholarship, support for local schools, and historical preservation of the estate.

When you host a meeting, hold a special event, or stay overnight at Graylyn, you are not only receiving a luxury experience, you are also investing, in part, in Jordan Buzzett’s future – which is looking very bright!