Conference Attendees Value Face-to-Face Networking in a Screen-Driven Age

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Since 2008, screen time usage has more than doubled while face-to-face interaction is dwindling each year. We log more and more hours in front of the screen making valuable connections online, but face-to-face contact is sorely lacking in today’s workplace.

Off-site meetings can offer the perfect antidote to this online environment. According to, networking is the second biggest motivator for event attendees, second only to content. Many attendees cite connection and conversation as one of the most valuable aspects of their meeting experience. In order to achieve this dynamic, it is important for meeting planners to utilize distraction-free, flexible space.

Benefits of face-to-face meetings include (but are certainly not limited to):

  • Easier engagement
  • Fewer distractions
  • Building Trust
  • Establishing relationships
  • Encouraging brainstorming

Graylyn provides the perfect environment conducive to connection, whatever the size of your gathering. Graylyn offers over 15,000 square feet of flexible meeting spaces in four distinct facilities spread across the beautiful, secluded 55-acre estate. Your meeting at Graylyn will provide your employees numerous opportunities to interact. You may choose from a variety of activities including themed coffee breaks, team building sessions, networking receptions, and special event dining. Graylyn employs an expert team of on-site conference coordinators dedicated to creating a meeting experience tailored perfectly to your goals.

As an added incentive, when you host your meeting at Graylyn, part of the proceeds go back to the community to support local schools, scholarships, and historic preservation. At Graylyn, your meeting matters – to your company, your employees, and your community.