Why Graylyn?

Team Building

Special activities designed to promote teamwork can be a key factor in the success of a conference. With a wide range of team building events that entertain and motivate attendees, Graylyn's Team Building facilitator can assist meeting planners in developing a team building event that will meet the group’s objectives and energize the conference.

Graylyn's conference center offers a corporate team building program with hands-on activities; located in Winston-Salem NC (just minutes from Greensboro). Graylyn Adventures is a unique group of team building activities designed to motivate and recharge your employees. The variety of adventures available allows you to choose those which meet the needs of your group. All activities combine communication and listening skills with pure fun and creativity. Improve service, inspire passion and boost performance. 

Graylyn Adventures offers over 25 group friendly team building options. Some team building events offered at Graylyn include:

Chili Cookoff

Blend cooking with communication and serve up a great time for all. Participants don Chef hats, aprons and bandanas and work diligently to create their very own style of chili, while our Executive Chef makes his rounds to assist and check for culinary techniques.

Graylyn Outdoor Elements

Graylyn Outdoor Elements offers a half day of experiential learning, which takes groups through elements of a challenge course in order to examine the problems and advantages of working as a team. Participants are challenged and entertained through physical and mental exercises.

Pirates of the Piedmont

Ahoy Mates! Set sail on the high seas risking life and limb (well, almost!) to find the lost treasure chest. Teams are given one hour to construct their boat using simple materials. The Captain and one other teammate must race across the Graylyn Pond in the fastest time possible without sinking!

Graylyn Scavenger Hunt

Mysteries begin and questions abound in a Scavenger Hunt that will test your intellect, your reasoning, and even your funny bone. Participants are outfitted with Graylyn T-shirts, digital cameras and a list of clues to solve while learning the history of Graylyn. Time is of the essence as other teams race to complete the hunt first.

Tour de Graylyn

Assembling a bike can be a challenge for sure. It takes patience, problem solving, and a group effort. In small groups, participants assemble brand new bikes. Each team is given everything needed to complete the task, with some fun extras along the way. Teams must then compete in the Tour de Graylyn race.


Geo-cache is an outdoor activity in which participants use a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver to hide-and-seek containers (called "geo-caches" or "caches"). A typical cache is a containter containing a log book and/or items for trading. Geo-caching is most often described as a high-tech hide-and-seek.

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