Why Graylyn?


Overnight guests of Graylyn enjoy a complimentary gourmet breakfast buffet featuring local fresh fare each morning. Breakfast is served in the Manor House Monday thru Friday 7:00 – 9:00am with extended hours to 10:00am on Saturday and Sunday mornings. For a lighter breakfast experience a deluxe continental breakfast is also served in the Mews Dining Room during the same hours.

Gregory’s love of cooking started while living and working in his native country, Barbados. He originally planned to study Architecture/Engineering and Art, but missed enrollment for that coming year. This prompted him to take an opportunity to work part time at a small chain restaurant to earn extra income before the next school year. Two years later, cooking had become his passion. This inspired him to pursue a career change to Culinary Arts.

His classical culinary influence came from working at Almond Beach Resorts in Barbados, with French and American chefs. They pushed Gregory to new levels which helped to showcase many of his culinary skills, both in the kitchen and in culinary competitions.

After spending more than two years at Barbados Community College, he was awarded a scholarship to study classic soups and sauces along with kitchen management at the Culinary Institute of America in Albany, New York. Gregory further enhanced his skills at the New England Culinary Institute.

In 1986, he won silver and bronze at the National Festival of Creative Arts in Barbados and won gold at the in-house Almond Beach Resorts Culinary Competition. In 1999, he was a Barbados delegate for the national culinary team in Miami, Florida and in 2006 was awarded the bronze medal at the American Culinary Federation Competition.

Gregory is devoted to using North Carolina and local products. You may even see him at your local farmers market or grocery store. He has his own Chef’s garden on the Graylyn’s Estate, which is part of their sustainability program. His team grows plenty of produce and herbs during the spring, summer and fall months. He remains current with the culinary trends by attending food shows and networking with other chefs, both locally and abroad.

Gregory refuses to claim any “one dish” as his specialty dish. He has learned so many dishes and techniques, it’s nearly impossible to choose. Also, with his knowledge of Caribbean/Barbados cuisine, his menus tend to be a hit with everyone. His greatest joy in his job comes from exceeding his guest’s expectations.