Why Graylyn?

Room Type

An enchanting historic property with all the modern amenities, Graylyn features 85 well-appointed and uniquely decorated guestrooms attractively situated throughout the pristine 55-acre estate. With several exclusive buildings and diverse accommodations from which to choose, an unforgettable experience awaits you.

Premium Suites

The five Premium Suites available throughout the Graylyn Estate are all unique in size and features, but all offer a piece of history. The Bowman Gray Suite pictured here is one of our most requested premium suites. Located in the Manor House, the room is expansive with a massive king size bed, ornamental fireplace, and a charming sitting area. The bathroom is complete with built in scales, marble tub, and seventeen-head shower.

Estate Suites

The six individually designed Estate Suites each utilize elements which exude a modern flair while preserving Graylyn's storied past. Featuring oversized guestrooms and comfortable seating areas, Estate Suites are located in the Mews, Bungalows and Bernard Cottage.

Manor House Antique Guestrooms

The thirteen antique guestrooms located on the 2nd floor of the Manor House are the original bedrooms and sitting rooms of the Grays. Each is completely unique in design, size and features. Whether a seventeen head shower or hand painted tile marble tub each feature is inimitable.

Manor House Guestrooms

The remaining fifteen rooms in the Manor House are located on the 3rd floor. With rich sunlight adorning each guestroom through the dormer windows one would never imagine the space originally being used as the attic of this grand estate.

Premium Guestrooms

Graylyn's four premium guestrooms are, handsomely appointed and individually decorated with custom fabrics and furnishings. Premium guestrooms are located in the privacy of the Gardener's Cottage.

Estate Guestrooms

Thirty-seven estate guestrooms are located in three of the five buildings on Graylyn's vast 55-acre estate. Both Bernard Cottage and the Bungalows feature this room type; however, the majority of our Estate guestrooms are found in the newly renovated French inspired Mews.