Why Graylyn?


Under the guidance and support of Wake Forest University’s Office of Sustainability Graylyn strives to blend its historical features with everyday sustainable practices. In 2011 Graylyn formed the Green Team. This team of employee’s mission is to encourage and facilitate the collaborative efforts of staff and clients to generate knowledge, acquire skills, develop values, and initiate practices that contribute to a sustainable, high quality of life in the Triad, and across the globe. The Green team supports the staff in assuming leadership to transform the following guiding principles into practices.


Graylyn encourages all members of the staff and community to take responsibility for the interdependent environmental, economic, and social consequences of their actions.

Service and Outreach

Graylyn is proud to partner with our local Adopt a Park organization which allows businesses to contribute to the care and attention of community parks. In 2012, Graylyn adopted responsibility for the extra care and attention of Whitaker Park.

Energy Conservation and Climate Change

Graylyn staff strives to monitor and minimize energy consumption and promote the development and use of renewable energy sources. We also invite our guests to join us in conserving water by offering a towel and linen reuse program in our guestrooms.

Dining and Food Systems

Graylyn promotes diverse and sustainable agricultural practices that encourage the protection of farmland and viable food systems. The Graylyn Chef’s Garden was established to support this principle.

Built Environment

Graylyn promotes the practice to construct, renovate, and operate the built environment with high standards of efficiency in energy, water, and materials intensity in a way that minimizes impacts on local ecosystems and supports human wellbeing. These efforts were practiced in the recent renovation of the Mews complex.

Food and Waste Reduction

Graylyn is committed to reducing the estate environmental footprint and promoting sustainable practices through education. Through continuing initiatives such as our Surplus Property Program and Technotrash recycling, we are making a difference on our property and in the community.

  • One hundred percent of Graylyn’s yard waste, including lawn clippings, is repurposed as mulch or organic soil amendments.
  • Through a local partnership Graylyn diverts pre-consumer waste from the landfill to be turned into compost.
  • The bulk of “typical” recycling on campus (paper, cans, glass, bottles, cardboard, etc.) is taken to our local Recycle America facility in Winston Salem.

For more information about Graylyn's waste management visit: Waste Reduction and Recycling


Graylyn subscribes to procurement policies and practices that encourage environmentally and socially responsible products and services.


Graylyn promotes walking,cycling, public transportation and the reduction of reliance on single occupancy vehicular travel to its staff and guest. Ridesharing and shuttle service is also recommended and facilitated for airport transfers and group transportation arrangements.

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